We have served a variety of clientele. Each of them unique. We strive to maintain strong connections with each of our clients. Working with businesses or organizations that excite us and that we want to promote help us ensure the highest quality of care in the work we do.

Accounting Bookkeeping Client
Accounting Bookkeeping Client
Accounting Bookkeeping Client
Accounting Client



Accounting Client

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Accounting Client

"I have been working with Amanda since late 2009 when she was with a larger company. She has an extensive knowledge of the food service industry, including the operations and financial aspects. Now that she is in charge of a smaller company, I find her availability and service to be even better. Her knowledge and communication skills are a big asset to me and my managers. She has earned my recommendation."
         - Ryan (Owner CLRM, Inc. a Five Guys Burgers & Fries Franchisee)

   "I am so thankful that NW Accounting partners is here for me in Gresham.

As a business owner, it is so important to surround

yourself with people you TRUST. Amanda and her

team are fantastic and they will do the numbers

work for you and let you get back to business!

   Thanks Amanda!"

         - Andrew (Owner Fireside Media)

"I own a small honey herbal product business located in Gresham. Being a small business owner
    means juggling lots of different jobs and wearing many hats - I find myself on any given day
      needing to be the HR Department; manage employees; oversee production, shipping, and
       quality control; provide customer service; communicate with vendors; work on procurement;
       do sales and marketing...the list goes on! I hired Amanda to step in and take bookkeeping and
       running payroll off of my plate. She is able to get monthly bookkeeping tasks done more
      quickly than I can, and has great suggestions for helping accounting tasks run more smoothly.
    She is experienced, fast, and easy to work with, and helps me focus on other aspects of my
 business while feeling confident that the books are in great shape."
          - Madelyn (Owner, Mickelberry Gardens)